Rental mobile router for one month or longer

Internet with e-ca is easy.

For business trip

For travel

For short trips home

For trial

Our rental Wi-Fi routers give you Internet access anytime.

With a mobile Wi-Fi router, you can enjoy Internet access even outdoors.
The "e-ca" rental router enables you to make smart use of your Internet connection, with no limit on the time or volume of data.

With one e-ca router, several devices can be connected to the Internet at the same time wherever you are.

With just a single e-ca Wi-Fi router several Wi-Fi enabled devices can go online concurrently. These devices include smartphones, computers, tablets, gaming devices, printers, and digital photo frames. Of course, you can connect two smartphones simultaneously.

Just a simple, monthly rental fee.

No Initial Cost
You can choose the plan to suit your needs
At our website application

Best model for you

You can choose the model by manufacturer and speed that is most suitable for your needs.

Fixed rate & large data volume plan

You can choose the volume; 50GB/month, 75GB/month, or 100GB/month; with fixed rate

Company or individual

You can order as either a company or individual.

Order by 3 simple steps

STEP1 Simple order

Fill in the order form.

Have your credit card handy.

STEP2 Order finalized

After delivery is arranged, we will send you an e-mail to let you know the scheduled date of arrival. (We may contact you in the event of lack of stock or inability to satisfy your requested delivery date).

STEP3 Delivery

The router is delivered to you on the next day at the earliest. You can use it right away.
(Shipment on the same day is available for orders received before 13:00.)