Why chooses VISION's company cellphone support?

By recommending the optimal company cellphone plan for you,
we will help you dramatically reduce your communication costs.

Corporate contract enables integrated management of cellphones under the name of a company.
Various price plans tailored to different types of businesses, as well as services for more convenient and efficient use, are available.

Advantage 1

With a plan exclusively for corporate users, phone call costs can be reduced.

Advantage 2

Delivery within a day is possible at earliest.
Contract can be concluded while you are in the office, with no time wasted waiting around.

Advantage 3

Thorough after-sales support is assured.
We will respond to urgent needs for additional phones or other requests as well as providing support after installation.

"Sumahodai" new price plans for company cellphones

With both smartphones and non-smartphones, domestic calls are for free all day long, dramatically reducing communications costs

"Sumahodai" has four features.
Domestic calls are available for free 24 hours a day, regardless of whether you are calling a cellphone (Softbank and other carriers) or a landline!
For Internet use, you can choose a plan with a data allowance most suited to your needs.
You can also carry over any unused data at the end of the month to the following month.
For group users, there is also a data sharing service that allow the unused data of one group member to be shared with other members, enabling efficient and convenient Internet use!
For more details, contact us!

All domestic calls are free

Calls between smartphone or non-smartphone cellphones on the Softbank and other networks, as well as calls to landlines, are free all day long! Sumahodai can be used with a wide variety of both smartphones and non-smartphones models, including the latest ones, so you can choose the handset most appropriate for your needs based on user-friendliness or functionality.

Choice of plans, for Internet use at a fixed rate

You can choose a plan with a data allowance ranging from 2 GB to 30 GB, according to your needs. If you subscribe now, you can take advantage of our special campaign: 2 GB will be added to your data allowance for the first 3 months. Contact us for more details!
* This offer is only available with plans of 5 GB or more.

Carrying over unused data allowance to the following month

Only Softbank allows carryover of unused data packets!
In months when you use the Internet less, carry over your unused data allowance to the next month for better economy and efficiency.

* Applicable to plans of 5 GB or more.
* Not available in combination with data sharing

Data allowance can be shared within the company.
Data communication allowance can be fully used.

The unused data allowance of staff members who have not used the Internet very much can be shared with other members, enabling economical and efficient use regardless of variations in Internet usage among different personnel!
* Not available in combination with data carryover
* Applicable to plans of 10 GB or more.

VISION's company cellphone service will

Recommend the most appropriate plans exclusively for company users.

As cheap as possible! We will help you revise your current plan and reduce costs.

Guarantee delivery within a day at earliest.

We will respond to your request for subscription as soon as possible and ensure quick delivery.

No need for you to visit a cellphone retailer.

You are busy. Don't worry about going out to find what you need. Our sales staff will visit you.

Save time checking fees.

Don't know where to go to get a company cellphone subscription.
Don't know what documents are needed for the contract.