General Office Automation Service

Outstanding prices and services that only a top-tier vendor in the industry
can offer Business phones / Copiers, multifunction printers

Consult VISION to arrange the tools you need for your office. We can provide you with multifunction copiers and printers as well as business phones. Drawing upon our experience as one of the industry's leading vendors, we will tailor an optimal solution just for you.
VISION will help you reduce your overall costs substantially, including not only the initial introduction cost but also your monthly running costs.
We support your business through facilitating efficient Office Automation.

VISION has solutions for you

Want to use cheap

Want to use business phones or copiers as cheaply as possible.

Want to use immediately

Want to use business phones or copiers as soon as possible.

Want comprehensive arrangements

Want to comprehensively arrange business phones, copiers, and all the other equipment necessary for your office.

VISION's general OA services

"BIZIPHONE.COM"freshens up your office

"BIZIPHONE.COM"offers an excellent lineup of products featuring sophisticated design and high performance.

Business phones are used by businesspeople as a tool to enhance communications with their customers. With just one phone call, we will take care of all the arrangements, from selecting a phone and estimating the cost to installation.

Before introducing a business phone

If you mostly work at your desk

Stationary business phone

If you mostly work at your shop

Cordless business phone

We recommend the most suitable model for your environment.

There are a wide variety of business phones, including stationary models, which are used by many people, and cordless models, which enable users to talk while on the go, satisfying diverse needs in different environments. If you are interested in introducing business phones, we recommend that you identify in advance the type of environment in which the phones will be used so as to make the introduction process as easy as possible.

Advantages of "BIZIPHONE.COM"

We won't be beaten on price

Because we order our business phones in bulk, we can offer super low prices for our customers.

Service available throughout Japan

Our staff will come to you, wherever you are.

Reliable support

We accept inquiries and orders 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Telephone arrangements

We can also take care of all necessary arrangements concerning telephone line installation.

"COPY-KI.COM"to cut costs for copy machines

"COPY-KI.COM"enables you to achieve a 40 to 70% cost reduction.

When introducing a copier or multifunction printer, it is important to choose a model that matches your needs, such as the number of copies you need to make per month, as well as your budget.

The cost per print differs depending on whether you print in color or black and white.
We offer total support, from making the initial arrangements to installation and maintenance by the manufacturer. Consult us for anything related to getting your first machines or replacing your old copiers and multifunction printers.

Advantages of "COPY-KI.COM"

Maintenance by manufacturer available all over Japan

In an emergency, repair services by the manufacturer are available all over Japan!

Comprehensive support for startups

We offer comprehensive support for startups unsure of how to arrange copy machines or wanting to procure all their office equipment at once.

Simple steps for introduction

You can introduce copiers into your office just by following the simple steps for inquiry, order, delivery, and installation.

Answers to all your questions about copy machines

"What is the difference between new machines and used machines?" "Is it better to pay in installments or in a lump sum?" Answers to all these questions are here.

" OFFICE SECURITY.COM"to hedge network risks

UTM is effective in preventing the spread of viruses that cannot be stopped by antivirus software.

In recent years, the number of virus infections that cause damage to computer networks has been rising and the methods used in hacking attacks have become increasingly sophisticated. Installing antivirus software, a common measure taken by most users, is no longer enough. VISION recommends installation of a UTM (unified threat management) system optimized for your environment to prevent viruses that cannot be blocked by antivirus software and thereby protect your network environment.

How is UTM different from antivirus software?

UTM is necessary to prevent infection by computer viruses.

Antivirus software detects and eliminates viruses that have infected company computers, while a UTM system detects and blocks viruses trying to enter a company network from the outside. In short, by installing a UTM system external security can be ensured, and by installing antivirus software internal security can be ensured.


We won't be beaten on price

Because we directly negotiate prices with each supplier, we can offer UTM at prices that others can never achieve.

Reliable after-sales service

We answer your calls 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and can respond quickly to emergencies.

We'll come to you

Because we have offices throughout Japan, from Hokkaido to Okinawa, we can visit you to offer our advice.

Transactions with 130,000 companies

Having built up experience and trust through transactions with 130,000 companies, our UTM professionals are ready to solve all your problems.