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Our "MORPH" website creation service helps you easily create original-design and high-performance websites that can attract customers at a reasonable price.
With MORPH, you can update/revise the website by yourself without needing any special or professional skills, meaning the updating cost is zero and updates can be reflected quickly. With compatibility for mobile websites and other standard features, your website can have a direct impact on the success of your business.

VISION can offer solutions.

Want as cheap as possible

Want to make a company website at a reasonable price.
Anyone can easily update the website with no professional skills.

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Sales promotion functions are included to help your business succeed.

Technical jargon is difficult to understand

Want to create a website that is compatible with smartphones and tablets.
If you do not understand the technical terms, our staff will take care of the operations for you.

"MORPH"website design service for both computers and smartphones

enables you to easily create original-design and high-performing websites at a reasonable price.

VISION's MORPH enables you to build a website around 20 times faster than other tools (according to our internal comparison) and also to register with search engines in a substantially shorter period of time.
It satisfies the needs of small and medium-sized companies by helping them establish attractive websites at a low cost.

The official website of our "MORPH" computer/smartphone website design service is created using the same system.

"SEO Taisaku.com" to ensure high search ranking

Without a high search engine ranking, potential customers won't even find your website.

SEO is a technique to ensure your website is ranked high in the search results of different search engines such as Yahoo! and Google. In order to enable users to gain quick access to their necessary information or services, SEO is an indispensable tool for increasing the number of your potential customers and boosting sales by optimizing your website to be displayed near the top of search results. VISION's SEO service allocates one keyword for one company to fully support your business.

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Initial cost

Available at a reasonable price

Monthly cost

Highly cost effective

Result determined

Yahoo or Google

Charged only after high ranking is maintained for 15 days

VISION's SEO Results

Keyword Yahoo!
Education business
Painting class 1st 3rd
Calligraphy class 1st 3rd
Music therapist 2nd 3rd
Japanese language teacher training school 2nd 8th
Medical institution
Cosmetic surgery Suginami Ward 1st 1st
Implant Adachi Ward 2nd 2nd
Ningen Dock Tokyo 2nd 5th
Shibuya Internal medicine 2nd 2nd
Minato Ward Internal medicine 1st 3rd
Setagaya Ward Cardiovascular clinic 1st 5th
Tokyo Station Internal medicine 1st 3rd
Real estate
Fukutoshin Line Real estate 1st 1st
Real estate Nagoya 1st 8th
Ichikawa City Real estate 2nd 2nd
Rental Tokushima 1st 5th
Tobu Tojo Line Real estate 1st 2nd
Pharmacy student 2nd 3rd
Dispensing pharmacy Recruiting 4th 3rd
Dental hygienist Recruiting 5th 1st
Work at home Home-based work 2nd 6th
Keyword Yahoo!
Beauty and health
Bridal beauty treatment 8th 4th
Yoga instructor 2nd 1st
Massage Tokyo 1st 3rd
Past life therapy 1st 8th
Service business
Air-conditioner cleaning 8th 8th
Periodic cleaning 2nd 3rd
Shop cleaning 1st 2nd
Mail order
Boxer underwear 3rd 1st
Tourism and travel
Chinatown 4th 7th
Beppu hot springs 7th 6th
Used cars Saitama 1st 4th
Used cars Chiba 1st 3rd
Signage 1st 2nd
Livestock farming machinery 1st 2nd

* Ranking as of September 2015
Only part of the keywords are presented above. Contact us for more details.

VISION's websites have also achieved high positions in rankings!

Keyword Yahoo!
Denwa-Kanyuken 1st 4th
Houjin-Keitai 1st 1st
Low-cost website 1st 2nd
SEO estimation 1st 1st
Keyword Yahoo!
Text advertising 5th 4th
I Town Page 5th 7th
Copier 1st 5th
Business phone 2nd 6th

* Ranking as of September 2015
Only part of the keywords are presented above. Contact us for more details.

Rate of continued users:98%

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Advantages of SEO Taisaku.com

92% of users ranked within top 10

High customer satisfaction with 98% of users continuing to use our service

Allocating one keyword to one company to fully support your business

Monthly payment from \50,000, charged based on results