Wi-Fi Router Rentals for Foreign Visitors to Japan

Offering a comfortable Internet environment in Japan

NINJA WiFi is a mobile Wi-Fi router rental service available to foreign visitors to Japan on a fixed rate basis.
It allows you to use your own smartphone, computer, tablet, etc. while in Japan as easily and comfortably as you do in your own country.

Mobile Wi-Fi router rental service for foreign visitors to Japan

Convenient and comfortable Internet environment for visitors to Japan

We created NINJA WiFi by taking advantage of the know-how we developed with "GLOBAL WiFi," our mobile Wi-Fi router rental service for outbound Japanese travelers. Offered with the uniquely meticulous care Japan is famous for, NINJA WiFi has been satisfying visitors from all over the world.

Besides ensuring the quality of communications, VISION also offers services to improve user convenience, such as having numerous pick-up and drop-off locations and customer support in multiple languages.

Reliable service available only from VISION

Fixed-rate system that puts you at ease

VISION's rental Wi-Fi router connection is offered on a completely fixed-rate basis.
It is cheaper and faster than using the roaming service of your cellphone operator.

No limit on data usage

When using a rental Wi-Fi router, your biggest concern is likely to be how much data you can use each day.
VISION's rental Wi-Fi router comes with unlimited data.

* Note that excessive use of data far beyond reasonable expectations (3 GB or more per day) may result in a decrease in communication speed or suspension of communication.

Collection/return stations available at 11 airports

You can pick up or return Vision's rental routers at 11 airports around Japan.
You can also have the router delivered to your hotel or pick it up at our Shinjuku Office.

Reliable support

For users of VISION's Wi-Fi router rental service, support is available in seven languages--Japanese, English, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, Korean, Thai, and Vietnamese--at every stage, from inquiry to during use.

Share with your friends

VISION's rental Wi-Fi router can be connected to multiple devices.
Price is even more reasonable when shared with others.

Access anywhere

Because it uses Japanese cellphone carrier communication networks, VISION's Wi-Fi rental service is available in the same areas as Japanese cellphones.

Just 5 steps from order to return

Order online

You can submit an order 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Contact our Customer Service representatives by clicking on "Inquiry" if you have any questions.


Pick up your router at an airport counter or receive it via delivery service.


The router is fully charged so that you can use it immediately upon receipt. Enjoy your time in Japan.


You can return the router at an airport counter or via delivery service.


We accept payment by credit card only.
The date of payment depends on your credit card company.

Router in use