Comfortable Communications Environment for the Whole World

International Service

The mission of our international business is to provide a comfortable communications environment for people all over the world by launching our communications device rental service worldwide.

Providing people around the world with easy mobile Internet access while traveling overseas

GLOBAL WiFi is a mobile Wi-Fi router rental service available in over 200 countries and regions worldwide on a fixed packet rate basis. VISION Group originally developed this service for outbound travelers from Japan. As it is our mission to provide a comfortable communications environment for people around the world, we have now launched our GLOBAL WiFi service worldwide.
Working in collaboration with communications carriers and our partners around the world, our international business unit is committed to providing global travelers with easy Internet access.

GLOBAL WiFi service overseas

Group has 12 affiliated companies in the world. We have 42 global networks including partners totally.
*As of August 2016

Besides establishing group companies around the world, we collaborate with various partners in developing and procuring local networks, hardware, and systems.
We have also localized our GLOBAL WiFi service to ensure easy mobile Internet access for overseas travelers in different countries.

한국과 세계를 잇는 GLOBAL WiFi 인터네셔널 렌탈 WiFi 與台灣‧全世界連接 海外專用WiFi分享器 GLOBAL WiFi, connecting USA to the world International Rental WiFi

GLOBAL WiFi business expands into: China, Korea, Taiwan, Hawaii, Thailand, and Singapore (as of August 2016)
Partners, clients: AT&T / Advanced Info Service Plc. / CSL Limited / DHIRAAGU / Docomo Pacific / Globe Telecom, Inc. / IT&E / KT Corporation LGU+ / Maxis Communications Berhad / Orange France / PT Internux / PT Smartfren Telecom Tbk / PT TELEKOMUNIKASI SELULAR Singapore Telecommunications Limited / T Mobile / Verizon Wireless / Vodafone Italy / Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd. / China United Network Communications Group Co., Ltd. HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD. / BANGKOK SAMURAI CO., LTD.
And many other major overseas communications careers, related companies, and local partners

More global!
Through developing the communications environment, thereby contributing to consumers and corporations worldwide,

We promote localization of services by adopting local networks and employing local personnel.

Using local networks in each country to offer unique local services

Our GLOBAL WiFi service is operated locally in accordance with local conditions, enabling the provision of unique services in each country.

Service by locally hired staff, for your comfort and convenience

Our GLOBAL WiFi service is provided in each country by locally hired staff who are well trained to embody VISION's distinctive brand of hospitality and customer service.
Representing different nationalities and ages, our overseas local staff are all working passionately to fulfill the potential of GLOBAL WiFi.

GLOBAL WiFi service is operated by local VISION Group companies or through cooperation with partner companies.

Operated locally by the VISION Group

Operated through cooperation with partners

Maintaining and further improving the service quality, VISION will continue to develop GLOBAL WiFi worldwide.

Working with you to grow your business and satisfy your customers

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