Want to make your work easier?

takes care of telephone line arrangements free of charge, with just one phone call.

If you need to install telephone lines when opening an office or call center, establishing or moving premises, or increasing the size of your workforce, our telephone line arrangement service can help.
We will do our best to satisfy the needs of customers throughout Japan while making things easy for your staff and offering the lowest possible set-up and monthly costs.

Advantage 1

Speedy action to complete telephone connection arrangements. New phone numbers will be available within a day at the earliest. Our staff will visit you wherever you are in Japan to perform the phone line installation work.

Advantage 2

You can choose your phone numbers from among several options. You can also take sequential numbers for telephone and fax.

Advantage 3

We offer low monthly fee plans, helping you cut costs.

4 simple steps from order to getting your new phone lines

Your can have a new phone number and new phone immediately without any problems.

Order by telephone or e-mail

Phone number and date of installation work decided
Possible within a day at earliest

Phone installation work


* For telephone line installation work. For setting up telephone units, please ask.
* Installation on the same day may not be possible depending on the phone number or number of lines needed.

"Denwa-Kanyuken.com" service

With one line, both telephone and fax can be used simultaneously.

With one line (ISDN), a telephone and facsimile, or, in the case of a shop, a facsimile telephone machine and a CAT (credit authorization terminal) can be used at the same time. Sharing one number by two telephone units is also available.
This service is recommended if you need a new phone line when newly setting up or moving an office.

Ultra high-speed Internet

Internet is now indispensable for business.
Denwa-Kanyuken.com helps you install an optical Internet connection along with the installation of your telephone line.
If you order both at the same time, costs for use and installation work will be cheaper, contributing to cost reductions for your business.

One-stop service available for various purposes

Shops, SOHO businesses

With an ISDN line, both a telephone and fax can be used.
Basic charge and call fees are reasonable, enabling you to reduce costs.

Establishing or moving an office

From business phones to Internet connections, we can make all telephone-related arrangements.

Setting up a call center

We take care of all arrangements for setting up a large-scale call center. The cost is particularly reasonable if you need several phone lines.

Cellphone sales

Don't know where to go to get a company cellphone subscription. Don't know what documents are needed for the contract.

Sales of telephone lines

From one line to many, we take care of all arrangements from acquiring phone numbers to installation work throughout Japan.


From the subscription contract to installation work for ultra high-speed optical lines
VISION can take care of the Internet installation along with arrangements for telephones and copiers.

Multifunction copiers

Copiers are indispensable for any office.
VISION can take care of configuring the settings for computers and the Internet all at once.

Business phones

VISION takes care of all business phone arrangements, from telephone line subscription to installation work and configuring the required settings.