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Corporate Philosophy

Management Philosophy

To contribute to the
global information and communications revolution

As a distributor that is proactively promoting the global information and communications revolution, Vision Inc. supports innovations that enhance the lifestyles of individuals and improve the way companies do business. Maintaining our original venture spirit, we effectively connect client companies with end users while ensuring that the motivation, dreams, and passion of our employees are channeled productively for the benefit of our stakeholders. In this way, we are able to steadily contribute to the advancement and development of society and humanity as a whole.

Mission Statement

"Mujin" (Dreamer)

Dreams must be realized.
Dreams must make people happy.
We strive to become a "Mujin" that gives dreams to people, has dreaming aspirations in our company, is made of people with dreams, realizes dreams and gives dreams to our society.

Code of Conduct

  • We are grateful that we are always supported by many people (stakeholders), and will carry out our business activities honestly and humbly.
  • We, as individual members of a company and of society, will obey the law and comply with company rules and policies.
  • We will not tire of our daily efforts to change our customers' expectations into thrilling realities.
  • We, will continue without hesitation to challenge innovation in order to realize our customers' thought about the future.