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Vision's Strategy


This era of rapidly growing information technology is filled with opportunities in business and communication. We believe the reason we are able to maintain our dominant position as distributors of various IT services is due the fact that we are able to provide the best value to our customers by standing in their shoes.


Vision's Core Strategy

The basic strategy behind Vision to achieve proposals that offer just the right value and sustainable growth

The business foundation of Vision that sprouts from a connection with customers can be found in growing a large customer base and deepening partnerships with our customers.
To work towards customer satisfaction, Vision will build up a business mechanism for make high speed improvements to services to customers and operations, and aim for quality of a level that others cannot beat. Furthermore, in businesses where there is no clear prospect and other companies hesitate, we will move quickest if we determine that significant needs exist.
What increases the certainty of this scenario are the three core strategies.

  • Niche & Focus Strategy

    Identify issues that arise in the gaps found in the evolution of information and communication, and develop new markets. Concentrate management resources on specially selected targets, and refine services to the point that they leave a great impression on customers.

  • Price & Quality/Leadership Strategy

    Full focus on production efficiency with improvement of organizational structure and business speed. While maintaining a high level of service quality, we will leverage our price competitiveness to overwhelm our competitors.

  • Upselling/Cross-selling Strategy

    Identify new needs for information and communication services, and continuously provide services with appropriate timing and at the best price. Vision will construct long-term relations with its customers.


Unique strengths that bring
high competitiveness

Customer Service

Customer Loyalty Team (CLT) to create value with advanced operations

The engine for Vision's growth scenario is a Customer Loyalty Team (CLT) that possesses overwhelming quality when dealing with customers.
The sales department is normally responsible for dealing with customer companies, but it is faced with a dilemma of being unable to take the time to acquire new customers the more time they spend connecting to existing customers.
As such, Vision has established a CLT with functions that extend those of the customer center. While lifting service level by playing the role of a concierge for customers, the CLT shares requests and issues it discovers through interviews, which also links to opportunities to make proposals. Furthermore, the CLT is also responsible for a part of 'production'. It also contributes to the improvement of productivity through the provision of a point of contact for the completion of service implementation procedures that can be accessed remotely with just a single communication, and plays the role of an engine for Vision. And through the strategic utilization of IT tools, a system to deal with an increase in workload proportionate to the accelerating increase in the number of customers with a small team has been put in place. The effect of this can be seen in our cost competitiveness.
The CLT has won high praise from external parties, and among other things has won the CRM Best Practice Award for seven consecutive years.

Covers a wide range of work from delivery procedures to after sales follow up

Covers a wide range of work from delivery procedures to after sales follow up


High efficiency marketing from a trinity of Web marketing x Sales x CLT

Vision has built an efficient order receiving system through a close link between Web marketing, Sales, and the Customer Loyalty Team (CLT).
Web marketing leverages advanced IT tools such as AI to efficiently identify apparent demand from which it is easy to obtain orders, and the CLT - which is the main pillar of service provision - identifies the requests and issues discovered through contact with customers. For the prospective customers and needs discovered through these two channels, the sales department increases the order rate with its solid proposal abilities.

Trinity-based high efficiency marketing


Organizational culture that brings unrelenting evolution

Vision has fostered a corporate culture in which people go about their work with pride and a feeling worth. The company's structure is flat from the executive level to those on the ground and it has an open atmosphere with good communication, and lively inter-departmental transfers nurture internal networks and a company-wide perspective.
Vision has put in place an 'escalation system' to deal with customer needs as a whole company. Thanks to a system where people who are in charge of different commercial products introduce customers to each other, a culture where people focus on the profit of their own department yet perform their work seamlessly with a company-wide perspective has taken root, and has contributed to improvement in business results for Vision as a whole.

Escalation System

Improved productivity with an 'escalation system'
to promote a flat structure with a culture of good communication and internal cooperation