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株式会社ビジョン代表取締役社長 佐野 健一株式会社ビジョン代表取締役社長 佐野 健一

In 2015, Vision Inc. celebrates its 20th anniversary. Then, in 2016, we transfered to be listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange from Mothers Index. We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank our customers, as it is their continued support that has kept us going all these years.

Founded as a distributor of communication devices, Vision Inc. has dramatically expanded the scope of its business, thereby enabling it to contribute to the information and communication revolution.

For example, our "GLOBAL WiFi" router rental service, which provides travelers going overseas with easy mobile Internet access, has gained the steady support of countless customers. With outbound tourists taken care of, we also offer "NINJA WiFi" for the rapidly growing number of inbound foreign visitors to Japan and are working on enhancing the contents of this service. We are also in the process of launching overseas operations. As the first step, we are offering a "global communication passport" for international travel within Asia.

In the field of telecommunications, we have evolved into a comprehensive service provider capable of handling all aspects of information and communications, from procurement of electronic office equipment to developing web-based marketing strategies. We are now recognized as a valuable business partner by a number of companies with high growth potential, including startup ventures.

We have achieved this position, I believe, as a result of our untiring and persistent efforts to find solutions to problems and issues that other companies and individuals simply dismiss as being "too complicated," "incomprehensible," or "too difficult". Our ability to look beyond the conventional frameworks of the industry and push the boundaries of society helps us take on these challenges successfully.

The Internet has already dramatically changed the way all of us do business and live our lives. When combined with artificial intelligence and robot technologies in the future, it will further transform our world. In light of these ongoing developments, Vision Inc. aims to expand and advance our services while maintaining the foundation on which we have built our organization.

I sincerely ask for your continued support.