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Vision's Strategy


With IT becoming a part of our daily lives, and communication becoming more readily available, our lives - business and personal - have changed greatly. Keeping to our roots of furthering the advancement of ICT, we strive to continue to broaden and advance our services.


To a New Growth Stage

Information and Communications Service

Continuing to grow together; information and communications service supporting young companies and the Japanese economy

Over recent years, the number of newly established companies in Japan has been in an upward trend. Vision's main customers for its information and communications service are precisely such startup companies. With this favorable external environment as a tailwind, Vision will proactively expand business for these services by focusing on the acquisition of new customers.
Furthermore, in addition to improving our ability to make proposals for products and services with a low cost burden for startup companies, Vision will develop solutions appropriate for the growth stage of these companies. Vision will support customer companies, and the Japanese economy by doing so, and aim to grow together.

The number of new companies that form Vision's main target is tending to increase

New companies are tending to increase

Source: Created by Vision based on Ministry of Justice statistics on the number of companies established

Continue to closely follow the growth of customer companies,
and provide the optimum solution for a company's stage of growth

Provision of the optimum solution

GLOBAL WiFi Business

Meeting the ever growing needs of GLOBAL WiFi®. And becoming a truly global company.

The global WiFi business, whose customers have thus far mainly been travelers and business persons going overseas from Japan (outbound), is entering a new period of growth through a drastic increase in the number of people coming to Japan (inbound) and global travelers traveling from country to country overseas. The number of foreign visitors to Japan doubled between 2013 and 2015, and the government has set a target of 40 million for 2020. To steadily deal with this increase in inbound demand, Vision will work to improve convenience and expand sales.
To meet the needs of people traveling from country to country overseas, it will also accelerate its overseas development.
The number of overseas travelers around the world stands at around 1.3 billion, and continues to grow. The latent market scale at a worldwide level for GLOBAL WiFi® is forecast at around 9 trillion yen. Vision will attempt to open up this massive market and establish a new profit base. Using the wide-reaching GLOBAL WiFi® network we have constructed, Vision will take a dramatic leap forward to become a truly global company.

An increasing number of overseas visitors to Japan ahead of 2020

Latent market scale Approx. ¥200.8 billion = @¥7,000 x around 28,000 people

Source: Created based on materials from the Japan Tourism Agency *Calculated average price per Vision customer

Accelerate establishment of branches overseas and meet the needs of users traveling from country to country overseas

Meet the needs of users traveling from country to country overseas

Source: Created in reference to materials from the Japan Tourism Agency and the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) *Calculated average price per Vision customer

Travel-related Service Platform

A greater connection with customers. Construction of an original travel-related service platform

Using the strengths provided by having built up a corporate and individual customer base, Vision will create new value and nurture business to form the driving force of the next generation.
One of these is construction of information media provided by Vision. In addition to paper media and information provided at the counter, Vision will provide information the customer really wants when they want it through a combination with location information on a device connected to GLOBAL WiFi®. Vision will develop this into a new media business as an advertising model that can directly reach users with a high accuracy.
We will also provide solutions to problems encountered during overseas travel, and enrich our global concierge service that considers what would be useful for a customer to have when overseas. Vision has also started provision of a rental service for wearable translation devices, and we are rolling out numerous information services that can benefit a range of customers.
We will further strengthen our connection to customers, and nurture new pillars of business.

More Vision,
More Success.