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Vision's Sustainability

Consistent with our ideals to "provide the future of information and communication is for the future of all people," Vision aims for continuous

growth and improvement of corporate value through adherence to the areas of ESG (E = Environment, S = Society, G = Governance) in our

management and business strategies.

In addition, through commitment to social issues outlined by the SDGs (established by the United Nations), we will contribute to the

development of a sustainable society and revolutionize the world's information and communications industry.

TOP Message

2022 started with three keywords: Sustainability/Vision's Sustainable Business Management, Purpose/Vision's Social Significance, and Respect/Gratitude and Appreciation to All Stakeholders. 2023 will mark the first year of Vision's ESG initiative. As a global company, we will provide the value expected by society and take the responsibility for the impact on the global environment through our business activities.

Using the concept of materiality*, we have a vision for the future, created with diverse societies as a member of the planet.

*Materiality describes the key issues that a company should prioritize.

Chairman and CEO

Kenichi Sano

Representative Director & COO

Kenji Ota

Symbiotic Growth (Vision's Slogan)

Vision for the future, created with the diverse societies as a member of the planet

Promising sustainable growth to their shareholders, engaging in various business activities, whilst working towards a sustainable global environment and society.

Vision's Efforts

Vision strongly supports the realization of a sustainable society as set forth by the SDGs. We work on long-term growth by contributing to the realization of the SDGs goals through various businesses.

E nvironment

RQ Citizens Disaster Relief Center was established as a volunteer organization to support the areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake.

The Michinoku Costal Trail is a walking trail that is more than 1,000 km that runs through 29 cities, towns, and villages in four prefectures from Hachinohe City, Aomori Prefecture to Soma City, Fukushima Prefecture. It is one of the initiatives of the Ministry of the Environment's Green Reconstruction Project, and allows travelers to encounter the beautiful nature of Tohoku and the people who live there. We are committed to expanding awareness of the organization's activities and supporting its activities by sympathizing with the purpose and philosophy of the trail, which values not only the beautiful nature and scenery, but also the interaction between local residents and visitors, memories of the earthquake, and the lifestyle, history, and culture nurtured in harmony with nature. We will continue to support their efforts in a variety of ways to increase awareness of their activities and help support their activities.

We have acquired a "Green Site License" to offset the carbon footprint of our website. We support the environment with "Green Electricity" for our website's CO2 reduction.

Ecology Café provides an open and flat platform for various people who are interested in ecology and the environment, and works to connect the nature that exists today to the future.

Protection of endangered wildlife and conservation activities for ecosystems in danger of disappearing. Providing various activities that nurture children's awareness and spirit of discovery through the development of methods and activities that utilize the nature around them.

Various activities that contribute to the formation of healthy and sustainable communities for the future. We sympathize with these activities and support them as members.

S ocial

Even if you have a disability, the situation varies by individual. We are working to create an environment in which those who are willing to work can play an active role in their positions, and strive to be a company that maximizes each individual's possibilities.

To ease childbirth and parenting, which are huge life events for employees, Vision has established its own nursery school with the aim of creating an environment that makes working stress free than ever. This is in addition to current initiatives such as flexible work rules and promoting the acquisition of childcare leave. We strive to realize an environment where employees can concentrate more on work and progressively hire staff who are willing to work in the parenting generation.

Vision supports Japan Heart's philosophy of "delivering healthcare to medically-isolated areas" regardless of country, region, race, politics, religion, or circumstances and supports its activities as a corporate member so that everyone can receive medical care equally and feel "it was good to be born."

About support for Japan Heart

Peace Piece Project, whose vision states "Realizing world peace ~ Creating an earth where children can live with peace of mind" is an activity of the mission of "Raising children who create peace".

Promotion and enlightenment activities for children's peace learning (creating textbook, free lending, cooperation with educational institutions, etc.).

In addition, "Children's World Peace Summit ®" is an activity of the declaration aimed to discuss the future of peace by children around the world.

This aims to "announce and realize ideas for creating peace for 100 million children from 100 countries around the world" as part of the "EXPO Co-creation Challenge" at the 2025 Osaka Kansai Expo. We support the activities as a member and sponsor for peace learning.

"It is said that since the dawn of history, there has never been a day when people do not kill each other. Let's create a day when people do not fight each other, even if it is only for one day."
This is the "International Day of Peace" on September 21.
Live music and performances with a sense of openness, talk sessions where you can learn and discover diverse things, and a market filled with hopes for a bright future. It is a special day to think about the world and peace that spreads beyond while freely enjoying music and talks.
We support the activities of PEACEDAY as a member and sponsor for peace.

G overnance

Vision has acquired the ISO / IEC 27001 certification, an international standard for information security management systems (ISMS). In order to protect information assets within the scope of application from information security threats, we handle information assets accurately and safely, and work on operation, monitoring, review, maintenance and continuous improvement.
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Recognizing that it is critical to earn the trust of our stakeholders, we are striving to further strengthen our governance by promoting risk management in business activities and ensuring thorough compliance. In order to ensure the transparency and soundness of our management, four of seven of our directors are outside directors including corporate managers, and corporate auditors are composed of certified public accountants and others.