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Travel and Transportation

Travel and Transportation Service

  • ProDrivers

    A service that provides comfortable transportation in business and daily life situations, such as airport shuttles, golf course pick-ups and drop offs, and transportation for executives.

  • Jumbo Wagon

    A service that provides wagon and jumbo wagon taxis for large numbers of people and large amounts of luggage to places such as airports or shooting locations.

  • 空港送迎.com

    Airport shuttle services available for business or personal use between airports and offices and hotels, etc.

Travel-related Service

  • Inbound-biz.com

    A general support service covering everything from marketing to promotion for corporate customers looking to do business focusing on overseas visitors.

  • Doga.TV

    A media platform where visitors to Japan convey the experience they had in Japan in a life-like way to people that are going to visit the country.

  • TripFever

    A service that provides information on great products, local restaurants, and other such things to make overseas travel smarter and more enjoyable.