For enjoyable travel and successful business

Mobile Wi-Fi router rental service available in over 200 countries and regions worldwide on a fixed packet rate basis

What is GLOBAL WiFi?

GLOBAL WiFi is a mobile Wi-Fi router rental service available overseas.
It is a fixed-rate service, meaning you don't have to worry about additional charges. What's more, our partnerships with local carriers mean you can have Internet access in the same areas as local users.

Fixed-rate system

GLOBAL WiFi has been designed as a fixed-rate service to give you peace of mind. You don't need to worry about mounting costs while you are using the service.

Access anywhere

GLOBAL WiFi service uses the communication networks of local carriers, enabling you to have the same access as local people.

High-quality GLOBAL WiFi for your overseas travel, whether for business or pleasure

Why so reasonably priced?

GLOBAL WiFi is operated in collaboration with over 30 communications companies around the world.
Taking advantage of this partnership and to contribute to the spread of Wi-Fi rental services in Japan, we are offering GLOBAL WiFi at reasonable prices.

High-speed communications in the countries of industry's largest class

GLOBAL WiFi leads the industry in the number of countries in which 4G-LTE high-speed communication, the same standard as used in Japan, is available.This allows you use the Internet at unbeatable speeds, with no stress.

Largest communication capacity in the industry

Our 500MB/day plan and our 1GB/day plan are some of the best in the industry.
Use free calling apps and upload pictures to your SNS worry-free.
Perfect for people who use a lot of data.

Advantages of GLOBAL WiFi

Far less expensive than fixed overseas packet rate plans of cellphone companies


Fixed per-day rate

Fixed packet rate of a cellphone company

Fixed per-day rate

Less than half the cellphone company's fixed packet rate

More reasonable when used in a group

For example... If shared by 3 users

Fixed per-day rate: 1,270yen

(US large-allowance plan)


If shared by three, cost is 1/3

Highly secure communication

GLOBAL WiFi employs encrypted communications to ensure perfect security.

Free Wi-Fi or hotel Wi-Fi networks are often unencrypted, rendering your communications vulnerable to eavesdropping by outsiders.

4 simple steps from order to return

Order and payment

Order through the web.
Payment is made by credit card at the time of order.

Receive router

Collect the router at an airport in Japan or receive it by delivery, or in your destination country.

* Acquiring the router in your destination country is not available for all countries.

Use overseas

Enjoy the Internet while you are overseas. The Wi-Fi settings are easy to configure.

Return router

Return the router at an airport in Japan or by delivery, or in your destination country.

* Return box is not available at some airports.
* Returning the router in your destination country is not available for all countries.

Largest number of collection points in the industry. Support available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Largest number of pick-up points in the industry

You can pick up and drop off GLOBAL WiFi routers at 13 airports and one port in Japan. Collection in Hawaii, Korea or Taiwan is also available. You may also receive or return the router via delivery service if using the pick-up points is inconvenient.
* Please understand that only drop-off is available at Kagoshima Airport.​

Support available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

GLOBAL WiFi's customer support is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our support staff will respond to your inquiries before your departure or if you request help in an emergency situation while overseas. Local staff members of our overseas affiliates or global partners can also help you when you're away from home.

GLOBAL WiFi service overseas

Group has 12 affiliated companies in the world.
We have 47 global networks including partners totally.
*As of April 2018

Besides establishing group companies around the world, we collaborate with various partners in developing and procuring local networks, hardware, and systems.
We have also localized our GLOBAL WiFi service to ensure easy mobile Internet access for overseas travelers in different countries.

GLOBAL WiFi business expands into: China, Korea, Taiwan, Hawaii, Thailand (as of April 2018)
Partners, clients:
AT&T / Advanced Info Service Plc. / CSL Limited / DHIRAAGU / Docomo Pacific / Globe Telecom, Inc. / IT&E / KT Corporation LGU+ / Maxis Communications Berhad / Orange France / PT Internux / PT Smartfren Telecom Tbk / PT TELEKOMUNIKASI SELULAR Singapore Telecommunications Limited / T Mobile / Verizon Wireless / Vodafone Italy / Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd. / China United Network Communications Group Co., Ltd. HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD. / BANGKOK SAMURAI CO., LTD.
And many other major overseas communications careers, related companies, and local partners