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Chairman and CEO

Kenichi Sano

President, Representative Director and COO

Kenji Ota

To our shareholders and investors

First, let me thank you for your continued support and patronage.
We are pleased to announce that Kenichi Sano has been appointed Chairman and CEO, and Kenji Ota has been appointed President and COO.
Under this new structure, we strive to make further progress.
Our mission is to provide services that meet the needs of our customers by constantly pursuing innovative technology and creativity.
We will continue to respond to the changing market environment and do our best to maintain a strong financial structure and improve our business performance.
In addition, as our part for the planet, we will work to solve social issues such as regional revitalization and the realization of a sustainable economy and society through our three business domains.
We will improve our corporate value by creating a better future.
I would like to thank all of our shareholders and investors for your continued guidance and support.

March 2023

IR Topics

Management philosophy

  • Corporate Slogan

    More vision. More success.

    At a time when information and communication technologies are changing and evolving at a breathtaking pace, opportunities for business and communication are immense and everywhere.
    By approaching every task from the customer's point of view, we have consistently provided our customers with the best possible value.
    It is this attitude that has enabled us to maintain our position as a top distributor in many service areas in the telecommunications field.
    "Shaping future telecommunications for all our futures"--under this slogan, we are envisioning and pioneering new services that are safer, more convenient, and more efficient for users, thereby helping our customers achieve their goals.

    More vision, more success.

  • Vision Group Management Philosophy

    Contributing to the Information and Communications Revolution

    As a distributor that is proactively promoting the global information and communications revolution, Vision Inc. supports innovations that enhance the lifestyles of individuals and improve the way companies do business. Maintaining our original venture spirit, we effectively connect client companies with end users while ensuring that the motivation, dreams, and passion of our employees are channeled productively for the benefit of our stakeholders. In this way, we are able to steadily contribute to the advancement and development of society and humanity as a whole.

  • Mission Statement

    "Mujin" (Dreamer)

    Mujin (Dreamer)

    Dream should be the one to be realized.
    Dream should be the one to make people happy.
    We should be the "Mujin" to give people dreams, to have dreams in our company, to be composed of the people who have dreams, to realize our dreams, and to give a society dreams.