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Business activities involve various specific tasks, such as increasing sales, reducing costs, improving operation efficiency, and activating communications. VISION's telecommunications service includes arranging communications infrastructure and office equipment necessary for your business activities, such as fixed-line communications, mobile communications, OA equipment, business phones, and websites. Having received orders from 18,966(*) newly established corporations in 2016, with its abundant experience and achievements VISION responds to the needs of customers in all of the different stages of growth.

(*) Total number of companies that newly started transacting with VISION in the information and communications service field within six months of their being established. (For 2016, surveyed by VISION.)

Website Support

We create attractive e-commerce websites using ASP and blogging platforms.
We also provide SEO (search engine optimization), an indispensable tool for making your website profitable, to further support your online business!

Company Cellphone Support

We offer comprehensive support tailored to the needs of your company. This includes everything from selecting a suitable model to planning and delivery. Ask us about subscription procedures, number portability, changing plans, or any other matter related to mobile phones.

Telephone Line Arrangements

We take care of all necessary telephone line arrangements when you open a shop, office or call center, establish or move your company, or increase the size of your workforce. We do all this free of charge, with just one phone call.

Internet Environment

Covering everything from ADSL to optical fiber, we offer recommendations for the best Internet environment to suit your phone line arrangements, needs and budget.

Business Phones

Having supported over 3,000 companies, we will find the best model for you, with no hassles and no waste.

Copiers, Multifunction Printers

Transactions with over 20,000 companies. Top online seller of Canon machines.
Our reasonable, speedy and meticulous service has been much appreciated by many satisfied customers.

Comprehensive Support Website for Companies

It is a support service website for companies to solve problems while exchanging information before starting a business, from establishment to expansion. We offer information, services, and places for companies to succeed through business with us.

Media Service

Pick-up Reservation and Service